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Quality and International Expertise

Naturovos, a renowned Brazilian company, leads the way in egg and food production. With a legacy since 1966, it operates from its headquarters in Salvador do Sul/RS and a unit in Vacaria/RS. Among Brazil's top egg producers and exporters, Naturovos stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

Since 2004, Naturovos has been exporting egg products, establishing a renowned expertise in the industry worldwide. The company's commitment to product safety and quality ensures that it consistently meet rigorous national and international standards.

Beyond egg production, the company fosters partnerships with integrated producers, empowering communities and contributing to regional development. With a diverse range of eggs, including cage-free and free-range options, alongside liquid and powdered egg lines. Naturovos also features a line of protein supplements and continues to push barriers with its innovative egg white-based Protein Bread line.





STRICT QUALITY CONTROL - Procedures and continuous quality controls performed at all stages of the production line. This constant care ensures greater security for our products and peace of mind for customers and consumers.

WASHED AND SANITIZED - All eggs are washed, sanitized and dried, in addition to going through an Ultraviolet Light stage that eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present in the shell.

SHELF LIFE - The expiry date is printed in each egg individually. Making it more convenient and safer at the time of eating.

STRONG SHELL - Strict quality controls of raw material used and nutritional balanced feed, results in a strong eggshell, reducing breakage.

TRACEABILITY - With the automated process and daily controls performed by our teams, we keep track of our products, increasing safety and quality.

HORMONE & ANTIBIOTICS FREE - Our Hens have a healthy life. When indicated by our vet team, they are treated with essential oils, organic acids and probiotics supplied through drinking water.

INNOVATION IS IN OUR DNA - In addition to the continuous improvement widely cultivated at Naturovos, we are always looking for new solutions. Whether by investing in Research & Development, partnering with universities, observing consumers trends and hearing our customers, we keep looking for more efficient ways to perform our process.

SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - We are committed to positively impact the community, to respect and care for animal welfare, and to strengthen our actions of responsibility to the environment.

PARTNER PRODUCER SYSTEM - Naturovos has more than 80 farmer partners in the region. Many of them are families who rely on family farming to support themselves. Thus, in addition to stimulating local entrepreneurship, the income generated feeds the region's economy, creates jobs and new opportunities. This model represents more than 60% of Naturovos production.

[Exportação] Catálogo - Itens


White or brown. Available in boxes of 360 eggs each. Up to 180 days of shelf life under refrigeration.

[Exportação] Catálogo - Itens


Whole, egg white and yolk (may be added of salt or sugar). Available in 1kg, 4kg, 5kg or 16kg packaging. Up to 18 months of shelf life.

[Exportação] Catálogo - Itens


Whole, egg white and yolk (may be enzymed). Available in 250g, 1kg, 5kg, 25kg. Up to 18 months of shelf life.


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